Even Sen. John McCain Thinks the F-35 is a “Disgrace”


Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

A turkey is a turkey no matter your political persuasion.  In a nomination hearing for Deborah Lee James for Air Force secretary, conservative Republican Senator John McCain had choice words for new weapons procurement at the Pentagon.  He called the F-35 program “one of the great national scandals that we have ever had in terms of the expenditure of taxpayer dollars,” despite being assured time and again that the program had finally turned the corner.  He called the “consistent series of cost overruns…worse than a disgrace”.

Sen. McCain didn’t save his ire only for the overpriced and underperforming F-35, but the newest class of Navy carriers as well.  The USS Ford is “$2 billion over the estimated cost” a problem that has “no end in sight”.

We wholeheartedly agree with Sen. McCain’s assessment of weapons procurement at the Pentagon that too often runs wildly over their original cost estimate, at the same time the Pentagon cries wolf about budget cuts that will leave the defense budget well above the Cold War average.  While tens of thousands of kids loose Head Start slots and seniors are denied Meals on Wheels, the “American people at least deserve an audit of what the United States military is doing.”