Doing More With Less

It’s time for the Pentagon to face budget reality and enact common sense reforms.  Over a decade of blank checks have left the Pentagon bloated and rudderless, and Strategic_Agility_report_cover-thumbnailwithout a strategy for how to operate efficiently.  Even though sequestration will leave the Pentagon budget above the Cold War average, military and congressional leaders claim we have a stark choice between a smaller and more modern force or a larger and outdated one.  On top of this, the Pentagon claims sequestration has lessened some army training, while a few planes and ships have been idled, cutting into “military readiness”.

Of course this is a false narrative.  The Pentagon is weighed down by historic levels of costly overhead that do not add to the military’s fighting capabilities.  The civilian workforce numbers some 750,000 employees with a roughly equal number of civilian contractors, even though each contractor costs 3 times as much their civilian counterpart.  The non-partisan Stimson Center has released a report with 27 recommendations totaling $50 billion a year from management reforms, overhead cuts, and compensation policy changes. If we are to have the money to invest in a Middle Class economy, than military and Congressional leaders need to step up and these enact common sense reforms.

To read the report, click here.