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Twitter Town Hall Tomorrow at 12:00 PM ET on Syria and the Pentagon Budget

Please join us Tuesday September 10th at 12:00 PM ET for a Twitter town hall on Syria and the Pentagon Budget.  We will be hosting Stephen Miles, Campaign Syria and SequestrationCoordinator at Win Without War and William Hartung, Director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy.  Send your question beforehand to @PentagonChoices and during the town hall to @PentagonChoices, @SPMiles42, and @WilliamHartung.  Please use the hashtag #SyriaCosts

Bipartisan Coalition Supports Options to Reduce Pentagon Pork

Everyone Agrees

Everyone Agrees

In a rare occurrence in Washington, a broad spectrum of organizations have signed on to a letter expressing their support for amendments that would cut wasteful Pentagon pork that threatens the core investments that make a strong middle-class economy possible.  Let your Congressman know that you support sensible options to maintain America’s security while still protecting Food Stamps, Head Start, and Meals on Wheels. It is vital for Congress to put the needs of the American people before the greed of major defense contractors.

To read the letter, click here.

Let Congress Know the F-35 is a Bad Deal for America

CF-1_flight_testJoin the petition with and let Congress know that our priorities should be to invest in America and not line the pockets of major defense contractors.  At $1.5 trillion and counting, the F-35 is the most expensive weapons-grade Congressional boondoggle of all time.  An army of lobbyist have lined up to protect the F-35 from any cuts from sequestration, meanwhile sequestration is hitting kids in Head Start and seniors who rely on Meals on Wheels.   We can’t let this stand.

Join the petition here.

Join the Petition Against the F-35!

The most expensive weapons program in human history is a monument to Congressional Pork and misplaced priorities.  The American public is suffering through Acuts to Head Start, Meals on Wheels, and essential Nutrition benefits; meanwhile lifetime costs for the F-35 have escalated to $1.5 trillion and counting.  We urge you to sign on to the CREDO petition to be delivered to Members of Congress urging them to put the essential needs of the American public before the greed of major defense contractors.

To sign on, click here.